The New Standard for Style, Substance, and Simplicity

Lenovo X1 Innovation

Thoroughly Tested for Every Condition Possible

X1 Labs—Anecdotal Testing Division

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Explore All the X1 Products

Introducing the updated ThinkPad X1 Carbon—when you need the best laptop on the planet.

The ThinkPad X1 Yoga: flexible, durable, intuitive—everything you need, perfectly.

Learn more about the X1 family of devices from Lenovo.

Lenovo X1: a new brand of products built to perform and designed to impress, bringing more of what matters to your most important work.

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Learn More About ThinkPad Innovation

yamato lab thinkpad video v2 1200x250
The Yamato Lab and ThinkPad

Check-out this insider’s look at some of the DOZENS of tests ThinkPad laptops endure before reaching your hands!

thinkpad spirit of samurai video v2 1200x250
ThinkPad: Spirit of the Samurai

See the evolution of the unique ThinkPad DNA. Inspired by creators for flexibility, adaptability, and creativity today.

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