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How technology is enabling the new age of manufacturing

Discover how a powerful and flexible IT infrastructure could give you the edge

Big data, mobility and connectedness bring the advantages of near-time information, insights and analytics to your manufacturing workforce, wherever they are. Find out in our ebook how the right mix of scalable power and flexibility in your IT infrastructure could be pivotal to your company’s future competitiveness.

With the acquisition of System x, IBM’s industry-defining server infrastructure, Lenovo now provides an end-to-end range of technology solutions from durable laptops and tablets to reliable workstations and servers powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.

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1: Gain better insights

The need for innovation in the manufacturing industry has put IT in the spotlight. How you adapt to new trends and demands will determine your success.

Gain Better Insights Diagram
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2: Seamlessly integrate departments

Successfully integrating data from various sources and providing access to it is key to enabling seamless planning across the organization.

Seamlessly Integrate Departments
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3: Create better products

As leaders in innovation, we know that the quality of your products is what sets you apart. Our solutions help create agile processes to design, manufacture and deliver better products.

manufacturing create better products
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Products to build into your future

Lenovo's enterprise products and solutions are renowned for performance and reliability. From servers to power your IT backbone, to tablets for mobility, the Lenovo portfolio provides the tools needed to equip the manufacturing business of tomorrow.

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