Introducing the Lenovo VR Classroom

Everything you need to deliver education that wows

Imagine being able to transport students into truly immersive learning environments — on demand. It’s now possible with the new Lenovo VR Classroom kit built around the award-winning Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream headset.

The Lenovo VR Classroom kit includes everything needed to create awe-inspiring learning opportunities for students age 13 and up. This innovative system is content-rich and easy to use, and it is available in 3-student, 10-student, and 24-student kits. Expansion packs will be available for up to 30 students.


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Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream

Students are free to explore

This is the heart of the Lenovo VR Classroom and the world's first standalone Daydream VR headset. No tethered cables. No PCs. No smartphones. Just total freedom of movement and total immersion.


  • Easy-to-use, quick-start, all-in-one headset
  • WorldSense™ motion tracking with 110° field of view for a more comfortable experience
  • Hand controller for increased interactivity
  • Face and head cushions that can be sanitized



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VR Classroom Kit Includes:

Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Tab 4 10 Plus

Take charge of the adventure.

  • Direct learning without disrupting the experience
  • Connect with student headsets
  • Guide instruction and monitor student focus

Bretford Mobile Cart

Bretford Mobile Cart*

Strong protection.

  • Secure custom rolling cart
  • Integrated device charging
  • Included with 10- and 24-student kits
  • UL certified for safety
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Made in the USA

*Non-Bretford case included with 3-unit kit

Ruckus R510 Access Point

Ruckus R510 Access Point

Stunning Wi-Fi performance.

  • Enterprise-grade wireless access point
  • Facilitates a strong connection between teacher and student devices
  • Manages high-bandwidth video content
  • Included with all kits

VR Classroom Webinar

Unlocking a New Dimension of Classroom Learning

What if you could transport your students to outer space, the Jurassic Period, or to a jungle exploration with Jane Goodall? Well, now you can thanks to VR technology from Lenovo.

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Amazing field trips to virtually anywhere, anytime.

The Lenovo VR Classroom includes breathtaking educational experiences from Google Expeditions and The Wild Immersion with Jane Goodall. Students learn inside these immersive environments created to support nearly every subject. Now you can take field trips on demand. No permission slips, chaperones, or chaotic bus rides required.


  • Free Google Expeditons app with 1,000+ virtual field trips
  • Expeditions can be integrated into included Scholastic STEM lesson plans
  • Exclusive Wild Immersion videos take students on journeys through Africa, Asia, the Amazon, and more (Available in French or English in Canada)
  • Additional content in the Daydream OS store


Mirage Software

You’ll be ready to go, right out of the box.

The Lenovo VR Classroom gives you access to training tools and lesson plans so you’ll be prepared to open students’ eyes and minds the moment you open the box. Not only do you get all the hardware and content you need, you also get:


  • 10 custom STEM lesson plans from Scholastic to help integrate VR into your curriculum
  • Scholastic STEM lesson plans that meet next gen Common Core standards (US only)
  • Professional development from Educational Collaborators to prepare teachers for success
  • A personal welcome call, videos, and monthly webinars


Lesson Plans

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Comprehensive support for worry-free learning.

Our value-added services are included with every kit and make program implementation and maintenance easy so the learning never has to stop.


  • One-year or two-year school-year warranty options
  • Advanced Exchange for quick, no-hassle equipment swaps (US only)
  • Premier Support with one direct number to call (US only)
  • Dedicated French and English help desk with one number to call (Canada only)
  • Device connection, testing, and access point provisioning all built in
  • Full setup so you can open the box and go right away


For support and service, visit

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Schools and students want VR, and Lenovo is leading the way.

  • Includes all the elements you need to set up a complete VR classroom.
    Competitor system elements must be purchased separately.


  • State-of-the-art hardware ensures longevity and optimal performance.
    Piecemeal oerings from competitors often include inferior devices.


  • Includes Google Expeditions and exclusive content like amazing VR wildlife videos from The Wild Immersion with the support of Jane Goodall.
    Competitors include no VR video content.


  • Custom STEM lesson plans from Scholastic and personalized professional development from Educational Collaborators.
    No other kit includes lesson plans or PD.


  • US full suite of services include Advanced Exchange, Premier Support, and school-year warranty. Canada kit includes dedicated French and English help desk with one number to call and a school-year warranty.
    Others have multiple support numbers to call, and you’ll get it when you get it.


  • VR180 Camera, available as an optional accessory, integrates seamlessly to allow teachers and students to create their own amazing VR content.
    Competitor devices have no guarantee of compatibility or usability for optional accessories.

Mirage Camera with Daydream

Capture and share original content.

Deepen the learning experience with the Mirage Camera with Daydream. This optional accessory allows teachers and students to create their own content for the Lenovo VR Classroom. It's as easy as point, shoot, and share.


  • Create your own VR experiences
  • Seamlessly upload to YouTube and Google Photos
  • Ultra-high-definition 4K resolution
  • Simple point-and-shoot operation


Mirage Camera Awards

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