Smarter Digital Districts with Lenovo

Designing Smarter Digital Districts

Building “Digital” From the Ground Up

Digital Innovation Designed to Enhance Learning

Technology innovation is neither a goal nor an end, rather it’s a tool that K-12 educators, like you, can use to dramatically improve the learning experience. Lenovo empowers IT decision makers to help educators and administrators create effective, sustainable “digital” districts that unlock the full potential of technology to enhance education.

Easier, always-on access to more engaging content, dynamic learning tools, powerful device management, and better connectivity, each help to unlock new educational opportunities, and Lenovo is ready to help you make it happen.

Cloud Computing is Transforming K-12 Education

Lenovo Helps You Get the Most Out of the Cloud

IT leaders in K-12 education environments have a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate how cloud computing models can provide greater cost efficiency and flexibility in their schools and districts, and improve learning outcomes at the same time.

Lenovo helps with turn-key solutions integrating infrastructure, software and hardware for a seamless cloud environment to power learning!

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New Ways of Learning

We Help You Identify the Best Apps for Education

Apps are quickly replacing books in many K-12 classrooms. We’ve put together a couple resources to identify key apps that every K-12 classroom should consider. Check them out!

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Unlock the Potential of Your District

Lenovo Services Enhance Professional Development

Professional development is the perfect time to prepare your teachers with the latest technology innovations, and Lenovo is the perfect partner to help! Our Services team can provide you with the solutions you need to get your teachers ready to bring innovation into the classroom!

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