Creating a Positive Patient Experience

Safe, Secure and Seamless

Solutions for Healthcare Administration

As the first point of contact between patients and providers, administrators play a critical role in healthcare.

Our innovative solutions power the patient admissions process to boost safety and security and enhance patient satisfaction across all types of care settings.

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Patient Identity Solutions

AIMe: Right patient. Right record. Every time.

Lenovo Health Authoritative Identification Management Exchange (AIMe), powered by LifeMed ID, is revolutionizing patient identity and security:

  • Validate and permanently match patients with their correct medical records
  • Bridge a single patient ID at all points of care and across the care continuum
  • Promote a safe, secure, and seamless patient experience
  • Eliminate duplicate patient records that can lead to medical inaccuracy
  • Know your true patient population to help identify true population health problems, as well as accurately assess treatments to improve patient outcomes and appropriate care delivery
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Lenovo Healthcare Security Solutions help protect Patient Identity—find out how in this detailed infographic.

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Digital Signage Solutions

Do your patients feel lost?

Patients and visitors arriving for check-in at your healthcare facility most likely have a lot on their mind.

With 46% of consumers willing to travel greater distances, 33% willing to incur longer wait times and 19% willing to pay higher costs as tradeoffs for receiving services from a health system recognized as “best in field”1 — digital signage can play a critical role in keeping patients informed and satisfied with their healthcare experience.

Put patients at ease and enhance their experience with digital signage that helps them feel more “at home” during their time at your facility.

1 HRI Consumer Survey, PwC, 2015

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Help patients feel at home

Lenovo Health’s digital signage solutions make sure patients and visitors have an improved experience

  • Display maps and directions for easier navigation, helping patients and families feel “at home”
  • Multi-media monitors stream “edutainment” content in waiting areas and patient rooms
  • Mounted monitors in nursing stations, OR and family/visitor waiting areas display schedules, improve workflow and enhance communication


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