Downtime is never an option when patient lives are at stake

Continuous Uptime and Scalability — World-Class Data Center Solutions

Secure Data Access for Better Patient Care

Lenovo Health offers a fully integrated VDI Solution for healthcare, providing secure data access across all of your devices, and improving the quality, speed, and privacy of patient care.


  • Superior user experience
  • Greater security
  • Cost savings
  • Data center efficiencies
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Data Center Agility Crucial to Delivering Value-Based Care

See how Lenovo can help drive agility in your data center — whether your infrastructure is traditional, converged, or hyperconverged, Lenovo has reliable and stable solutions you can trust:


  • Rated #1 in Reliability
  • Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction
  • Committed to healthcare innovation


View this infographic to learn more about Lenovo’s data center solutions for healthcare.
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