Creating a Connected Government


Connected government: your multiplier effect

More than 900 agencies trust Lenovo to amplify their impact.

Agencies like yours are facing a startling disconnect: as the demand for government services continues to rapidly rise, budgets and resources are on the decline. It’s up to IT to deliver technology that connects agencies and citizen communities in smarter, more impactful ways.

Lenovo provides innovative and comprehensive technology solutions that connect citizens with information, boost agency productivity, transform information access, and strengthen IT infrastructure.

With Lenovo, connected government services are making an impact on citizens’ lives:

  • Data-driven predictive firefighting
  • Real-time disaster relief
  • Mobile services collaboration for foster children

Why Lenovo for Government?

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Lenovo helps you meet the challenges that body camera technologies are posing for government agency IT infrastructure

As video capture, storage, and access gains adoption across police and security agencies at all levels of government, agency IT departments are straining from the resulting impact on infrastructure. Lenovo storage solutions enable agencies to simplify their infrastructure and accelerate time to value, while supporting the use of complex technology to ease everyday agency tasks.

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Get future-ready agency IT today

Cloud and VDI solutions for government agencies

Agencies have mandates to simplify and collaborate around key services and applications. The cloud is a potential solution, but only if government-grade compliance and NIST-ready security aren’t compromised.

Government users are demanding 24/7 access to their tools, and they’re tired of complicated VPNs with constantly changing passwords. IT decision makers want a smarter way forward. Lenovo provides IT-ready solutions:

Future-ready, cloud-powered Unified Workspace solutions

Full range of reliable, efficient VDI solutions

Innovative thin client and console devices

Unified data center, cloud, and local resources

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See more case studies:

See how this State Supreme Court benefits from Lenovo's innovative ThinkCentre® and ThinkPad® products.

See how Hospital Systems benefit from Lenovo's ThinkCentre® M93p Tiny desktops.

Lenovo Services optimizes collaboration and workflow with a seamless transition to Unified Workspace.

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Sharing your vision for state and local government

Take the next step with Lenovo

Lenovo has learned a lot about how the right technology can impact your ability to serve your community. We are committed to helping city, county, and state governments build solutions that are ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Government-grade security and manageability
  • Built for better value and lower TCO
  • Award-winning PC+ products
  • Available on GSA, WSCA, NCPA, and many state contracts
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Resources for federal government agencies

A technology partner you can trust

As the trusted technology partner to over 70 military and civilian federal agencies, Lenovo understands the challenges of building leaner, more responsive IT in the face of rising demand and reduced resources. We are confident our award-winning products can help agencies modernize their technology from data center to endpoint, giving decision makers better ways of aligning users, resources, and mission.

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See Lenovo in action at state and local government agencies

Better technology for better digital government

Lenovo understands the wide range of computing needs you have to meet, and we are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art innovation across your entire agency.

Lenovo products and services deliver unprecedented reliability and unbeatable mobility to over 900 state and local agencies across America.

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Connected government makes a real impact

Lenovo’s broad product portfolio, deep expertise, and relentless focus on innovation that matters, make us the ideal technology partner for this important work.

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