Security first.

And second, and third.

Your organization considers security at every stage of every decision. So do we. That's why security is built-in on every Lenovo device.

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The threat is real - and it's beastly!

beastly threats to it security v2 1200x250
Beastly Threats to IT Security

From hackers to malware to ransomware - it feels like danger is lurking behind every click. Download Lenovo's ebook to check your exposure.

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guarding the gates building the right security plan v2 1200x250
Guarding the Gates: Building the right security plan for your business

Build the right security plan for your business with this cybersecurity guide and anti-cybercrime checklist.

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Physical threats are overtaking virtual ones!

The media, the government, even your IT department is focused on battling virtual threats to server and network security. But should they be paying more attention to physical threats?

Find out in this eBook

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Lenovo is here to help.

Lenovo is committed to your security.

With the product security landscape constantly changing, we recognize the need to be aggressive in addressing new threats and risks that may arise. We have built a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that our products and services meet the most rigorous security specifications, while continually innovating to address new threats.

security features comparing windows 7 to windows 10 v2 1200x250
Security Features: Comparing Windows 7 to Windows 10

See how upgrading to Windows 10 provides dramatic security enhancements over Windows 7.

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Productivity Anytime. Security Everywhere.

Today’s workforce is mobile. Discover how cloud-based infrastructure, enterprise mobility management solutions, and the right devices will make your organization enterprise mobility ready.

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Solutions for Secure Productivity

Learn how the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 family of products enables even the most security-conscious organizations to meet compliance while taking business innovation to a whole new level. With the X1 family, businesses really can have it all.

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Security built-in

Every ThinkPad is purposely built for security, from the ground up

ThinkPad from Lenovo has always been innovative, and that means knowing what users will need tomorrow, not just today - including security. Which is why with the latest ThinkPad's built-in security features, you don't have to worry about current threats or what's waiting around the corner. Watch this video to learn more.

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