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Lenovo White Paper

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What the world’s largest computer company is doing to help combat
climate change

Aectual, an architectural-products firm headquartered in Amsterdam, has a novel approach to designing buildings. Instead of working with conventional construction materials, the company uses 3D printing to produce customized building elements: a temporary facade made of bioplastic that can be shredded and then reprinted, a sun roof that mimics the crest of a tree, a custom staircase that uses 50% less concrete.

To do its work quickly, efficiently, and on-site when the situation calls for it, Aectual partnered with a company whose technology is as sophisticated as it is mobile: Lenovo. “Lenovo Workstations are used during every step of the process, from initial design to final production,” says Hedwig Heinsman, the CCO and cofounder
of Aectual.

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