Productivity starts with anytime, anywhere durability.

Your devices need to keep working despite the hazardous elements your users expose them to. Enjoy this fun music video that includes individuals who know all too well about these hazards - our overworked IT team.

Users Happen Survival Guides

In this fun, anecdotal survival guide series, we expose Lenovo products to potential hazardous situations like travel, weather, and... aliens? Learn more by downloading each chapter.

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Chapter 1: The Perils of Travel Users Happen Survival Guide

In this chapter we expose many hazards facing your laptops whenever your users travel.

Read Chapter 1

users happen survival guide ch 2 1200x250
Chapter 2: Big Chaos in Small Packages Users Happen Survival Guide

In this chapter we explore the destructive potential of children and other small threats pervasive in many users' homes.

Read Chapter 2

users happen survival guide ch 3 v1 1200x250
Chapter 3: Users vs. The Environment Users Happen Survival Guide

Find yourself in awe at the destructive potential of the weather and the users who choose to ignore it.

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users happen survival guide ch 4 v4 1200x250
Chapter 4: Tales of the Unbelievable Users Happen Survival Guide

Explore the tall tales users tell. From ghosts to aliens, IT professionals have probably heard it all.

Read Chapter 4

Lenovo: Built to survive

Our devices are lauded in the industry for being rugged and reliable

Every device is tested in our labs against the forces of nature: gravity, temperature, dust, and liquids are no match for a Lenovo. 

Field testing is critical.

See Lenovo devices going through field testing with two business users you might recognize from your own organization: Jane and Chad.

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video the curse of chad 1200x250

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We’ve compiled all the stats you need from first- and third-party surveys. We’ve identified the key risks. And, we’ve outlined the tactics you can put in place. With this definitive guide, you will have everything you need to shape a mobile strategy that succeeds. Our ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and X1 products — powered by Intel® Coreprocessors — deliver breakthrough innovation that really matter, where it matters.

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