ThinkSmart Hub 500

The smarter way to collaborate.

An all-in-one, purpose built device for simplified meetings.

Meetings are time consuming enough without trying to get the technology to work properly. The average delay is around 10 minutes, but with the ThinkSmart Hub 500, you can avoid costly late starts. As audio and video is already connected, simply hit one button and everyone can begin collaborating right away. Hear what everyone has to say, loud and clear. And see the difference this makes to your productivity—and bottom line.

grid image hub 500 one click v2

Meetings start faster with one click

grid image hub 500 controls

Control of displays, projectors and cameras by any participant

grid image hub 500 reduce clutter

Reduce workspace clutter and lower hardware costs with all-in-one audio, video and computing

grid image hub 500 performance v2

Superior audio and video performance powered by an Intel® Core™ i5 processor

grid image hub 500 skype

Better collaboration with Skype for Business on Windows 10 IoT

grid image hub 500 deployment v2

Simplified deployment with one worldwide configuration

Start Meetings Faster with ThinkSmart Hub 500

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ThinkSmart Hub 500 Solutions Overview

The ThinkSmart Hub 500 makes for smarter, simpler, more productive meetings. Learn more about this all-in-one device in this solutions overview that provides the following details:

  • Top features
  • Solution architecture
  • Benefits for end-users
  • Benefits for IT managers
  • Competitive advantages
  • System specifications


Download the Solutions Overview

View the benefits of the ThinkSmart Hub 500.

hero thinksmart hub 500 collaboration 1920x530 v2
Better Collaboration with ThinkSmart Hub 500
hero thinksmart hub 500 easy meetings 1920x530
Easier Meetings with ThinkSmart Hub 500

Hub 500 vs Standard Meeting Systems

hub 500 vs standard meeting systems
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