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Windows 10 Pro means business.

Productivity starts with anytime, anywhere durability.

Your devices need to keep working despite the hazardous elements your users expose them to. Enjoy this fun music video that includes individuals who know all too well about these hazards - our overworked IT team.

Resources for Managing a Mobile Workforce

Lenovo is your partner in supporting today's mobile teams.

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Enable Maximum Productivity

Equip your employees with the right resources to make being mobile as productive, and rewarding as being in the office.

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Transform your Mobile Workforce

Start developing your Mobile strategy with these three easy steps.

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Workforce Mobility White Paper

Devices are Decisive

Today’s workforce is on the move. And as an organization embracing the digital wave, you need to ramp up your mobility game to ensure that your workforce is productive. This white paper elaborates on the technological nuances Lenovo incorporates in its devices that help the mobile workforce be at their productive best.

Three Essentials of Mobility

  • Uncompromised Productivity
  • 360-degree Security
  • Reliable Durability

Introducing the ThinkSmart Hub 500

Making it easier for teams to work from anywhere and everywhere.


  • Meetings start faster with one click
  • Reduction in clutter of workspaces
  • Control of displays, projectors and cameras by any participant
  • Lowered hardware costs with all-in-one audio, video and computing
  • Superior audio and video performance with Intel® Core™ i5
  • Better collaboration with Skype for Business on Windows 10 IoT
  • Simplified deployment with one worldwide configuration

Infographic: Better Secure Than Sorry

You Need to Think About Security for your Mobile Workforce

If the challenges of managing a mobile workforce and keeping your company's information secure keeps you up at night, Lenovo has solutions for you. In this infographic, we discuss Lenovo's 360-degree approach to security which includes:


  • User Access Controls
  • Port and Physical Protection
  • Data Protection


Tough enough for the factory floor — Case study: Quatro Composites

ThinkPad X1 Carbon: The take everywhere, do everything, all-in-one, convertible dream

Quatro Composites needed a single mobile platform to standardize on, making it easy for IT to manage and update laptops, while meeting the needs of business users ranging from the conference room to the lunch room to the factory floor, and on regular air travel — sometimes all in the course of a day. Read this case study to learn why they chose Lenovo.

Explore mobility solutions for public sector

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Build a Connected Campus with Lenovo

Learn how to address the needs of different stakeholders across campus to maximize connected learning opportunities.

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Lenovo: Built to survive

Our devices are lauded in the industry for being rugged and reliable

Every device is tested in our labs against the forces of nature: gravity, temperature, dust, and liquids are no match for a Lenovo. 

Field testing is critical.

See Lenovo devices going through field testing with two business users you might recognize from your own organization: Jane and Chad.

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