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Windows 10 Pro means business.

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Three Technologies That Are Changing the Game

The Right Device Makes all the Difference

Choose Wisely

With so many options out there it can be easy to just give everyone the same thing. But the right device for the right job can have a huge impact of productivity and satisfaction. 

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See the Possibilities with Digital Transformation

What does digital transformation look like? It looks like the freedom to do more, to be more creative, more secure and more connected. 

Learn how Lenovo can help you transform.
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The Workplace of the Future

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Leading Technology Transformation

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The Power of Pen & Ink

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More with Cortana

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Security Built-In

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Keeping Up with IT Changes

The pace of change is not slowing down. In fact it seems to just get faster and faster. Understanding what the future of IT looks like is critical for making the right business decisions. Get an expert’s perspective on transformative trends for IT. 

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Move Fast or Be Left Behind

Read Mark Miller's perspective on the opportunities afforded in a fast-moving IT climate.

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How does IT fit into the workplace of 2022?

Explore how today's fast-changing IT environment might resolve itself heading into the next decade, and how IT organizations can start to plan for the road ahead.

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Mark Miller on AR and VR

Is AR/VR just a consumer trend, or will it take IT organizations by storm in the fashion BYOD did just a few years ago?

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Make Your Digital Transformation A Success

It’s not enough to have a great digital transformation strategy for your organization. You also need the tools to bring it to life. 

These resources help you consider the steps to realizing true transformation in your organization, and provide a case study for how one of our partners achieved success. 

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Case Study: Digital Transformation with Lenovo

Learn how Lenovo delivers digital transformation in Africa.

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Digital Transformation Success Plan

While end-user computing devices account for only a fraction of DX investments, underestimating their importance can risk your entire initiative. Make sure you have the right devices in the right hands to deliver your transformative experience.

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Digital Transformation eBook

This eBook provides you with the details you need to drive digital transformation in your organization.

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