Welcome to the Lenovo site for National Association for State Procurement Officials


Please select your state from the map below to determine if a new Participating Addendum (PA) has been executed by your state as a result of the NASPO computer equipment procurement contract.

Contract Number: MNWNC-117 (Bands 1,2,3) and MNWNC-135 (Bands 4,5) 2015-2020 Computer Equipment, Peripherals, & Related Devices

  • Red Contract in place
  • Yellow Contract work in progress
  • Dark Red Participating Entity State. Contact Lenovo to join
  • Light Gray No contract. Contact Lenovo for other contract vehicles

*Notes entity state. Check for entities with signed participating addendums and sales contact information.

For more information on NASPO itself, please visit NASPO. For questions regarding your state's participation status, please contact Lenovo's NASPO Programs Administrator, Melissa Autrey Freeman.

Please note: The Product links at the top of this page link to the lenovo.com public site. To purchase contract products, please select your state above and link to your NASPO state website.

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