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Lenovo Solutions for Large Enterprise

Why consider Lenovo?

You may know Lenovo as a company that makes PCs. These days, things are different.

We’ve evolved. Sure, we’re building better, more innovative devices for end-users, along with secure and easy-to-manage solutions for enterprise IT managers. But we’re not just trying to build a better mouse-trap, rather, we aspire to help you explore the limits of your organization’s potential.


Learn why Lenovo’s single-vendor technology ecosystem is different. Different is better.


Consider Lenovo

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From pocket to data center, Lenovo is your trusted IT partner

Dedicated to customer-centric innovation and solutions

Our strategy is simple — we offer the highest quality enterprise platforms and devices at outstanding price performance to bend down the cost-curve of IT.

  • Technology Leadership — The broadest portfolio with strong reliability, seamless security, high quality, and comprehensive support and services
  • Innovation from the Inside Out — With a 30-year history of innovation and technical breakthroughs in both the x86 and PC markets, Lenovo understands and solves the customer needs of today while working towards the advancements of tomorrow
  • Key Partnerships — Our solutions provide opportunities for interoperability, optimizations, and increased performance with partners such as Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat and SAP

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Solutions for Large Enterprise

Lenovo X1: The new standard for style, substance, and simplicity

We designed the most powerful set of business tools for the most powerful business users.

What makes X1 devices different? They are markedly better in every way. Thinner, lighter, more durable, more powerful, more beautiful, more intuitive. They just work better… for work. Find out for yourself! Explore the variety of videos, eBooks and more to learn about the many ways your team can get better with the new Lenovo X1 family of products.

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Virtual, remote, mobile: the workforce of NOW

Do you have the right mobile solutions in place?

Workforce mobility places new demands on laptops and tablets: they need to be powerful as ever, flexible to work in any environment, and rugged and reliable — standing up to the most extreme working conditions. Explore how Lenovo’s rigorous testing methods help us develop devices that stand-up to every requirement.

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Designing and building secure products you can trust

Lenovo is committed to your security.

With the product security landscape constantly changing, we recognize the need to be aggressive in addressing new threats and risks that may arise. We have built a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that our products and services meet the most rigorous security specifications, while continually innovating to address new threats.


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Hyperconvergence is the hot new trend In IT — are you on top of it?

Software-defined infrastructure is no longer the future. It is now.

Learn everything you need to know about hyperconvergence and how data center architectures benefit. See some systems and software examples, watch some funny videos (that are also informative), and see what the analysts and pundits have to say!


Get Hyperconverged

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Explore all of our infrastructure solutions

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Accelerate Real Time Analytics in SAP

Vertical solutions for large enterprise

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Manufacturing Solutions

Big data, mobility and connectivity powered by Lenovo are bringing near-time information, insights and analytics to your manufacturing workforce, everywhere.

Learn More

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Bank on it: Change is the new certainty in financial services technology

Learn More

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Lenovo’s innovative response to complicated challenges empower health professionals to improve delivery within institutions, at the bedside, and anywhere within the provider's reach.

Learn More

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