The Lenovo Internet of Things (IoT) Audiobook Series

Listen to Experts Explore Tangible Benefits for Communities from the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is giving government agencies the ability to reduce waste, increase the efficiency of service delivery, and greatly improve the lives of citizens. From resource management to more responsive infrastructure the Internet of Things has been improving our communities for years, and will continue to do so as we become better connected all the time.

Listen to the audiobook segments and hear how agencies are using IoT to improve government operations.

Image credit: Marvin Jansen van der Sligte via Flickr, used via Creative Commons license.

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The Internet of Things Happening Today

Hear about how tech innovators are building tools they call, "intelligent connected devices," and learn about the opportunities to improve your experience individually, or for an entire community.

iot for major cost savings v2 1200x250
IoT for Major Cost-Savings

In this segment of our IoT interviews, listen as Jessica Hansen and Chris Spain talk about the power of IoT in meeting California's water resource challenges.

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Daryl Cromer of Lenovo on the Internet of Things, Part 3

Daryl Cromer, a vice president at Lenovo working in device and technology research, discusses the Internet of Things and how using connected devices with access to more data is making the lives of ordinary people better, everyday.

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IoT and Community Opportunities

State, local, county, and national agencies can all take advantage of technology that brings relevant responses to everyday challenges.

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