A cloud that goes above and beyond

ThinkAgile CP Series

Delivering on the promise of cloud transformation

Imagine the power and flexibility of the public cloud in your own data center without sacrificing compliance, control or data security. Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, is a secure private cloud that finally lets you own your enterprise cloud experience.





Meet ThinkAgile CP Series

Watch the video below to see how you can enhance IT agility without giving up control or increasing complexity.

Are your making your cloud decisions with confidence?

Our straightforward and insightful Cloud Best Practice guide cuts through the complexity to help you more confidently decide how to get the best results from a cloud transformation for your organization.

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Will your cloud deliver on your organization’s potential?

Take a moment to run through our Private Cloud Checklist to check off the features where you can’t afford to compromise when you’re working to deliver the capability your organization’s future will demand.

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Can you see the clear path to cloud?

No two cloud transformation journeys are the same, and there’s no doubt that it’s a complex landscape to navigate.

Take just a few minutes to answer some questions about your your organization’s aspirations in cloud. Based on your answers, the tool will deliver an overview of the key issues in cloud and on which side your organization falls.


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Drive intelligent transformationwithout compromise

Is it time to move your organization past the rigidity of traditional of IT?

Take a quick look at this infographic and you’ll get the picture of how the Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series delivers intelligently automated management, security and compliance, to enable simple flexibility while retaining total control.

How composable infrastructure aligns with business imperatives

Meet rapidly changing business needs through a dynamic, scalable system that adapts with you. Read the 451 Research white paper to learn how the orchestrated integration of composable infrastructure delivers the operational efficiencies of public and hybrid cloud in your on-premises private cloud environments.


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Optimal efficiency and superior support, built in

Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage is included with all our ThinkAgile solutions, which means our expert teams are with you every step of the way– from setting up to starting up, to running your system with optimal performance and efficiency. Read our 2-page brochure to quickly understand the extra value that the ThinkAgile Advantage could bring to your organization.

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Get all the answers at a cloud strategy workshop

Lenovo’s Cloud Strategy Workshop is a great introduction to our cloud services portfolio; providing a structured engagement that allows you to refine your vision of the cloud, further qualify your cloud-related needs and requirements, and identify a high-level roadmap and preliminary set of actions with which to move forward.

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Need to speak to a person?

If you have a specific question about ThinkAgile CP Series, or want to speak to one of our data center specialists about any of our products or services, leave some details and we’ll have the right person call you back.

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