High Performance Computing

Lenovo is powering the data centers of the future

In today's competitive environments, drawing on massive data sets and scaling to handle heavy compute workloads can be crucial to a project's success. But how can you accelerate research and speed up development without blowing the budget on infrastructure?

Find out how the right flexible High Performance Computing (HPC) solution, powered by the Intel®Xeon® Platinum processor, can make a huge difference.

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High Performance Computing is going mainstream

It used to be that time on HPC solutions was a cost-prohibitive, scarce resource, utilized for only the most important research. But with today's flexible cloud and hybrid HPC solutions, research projects can utilize the speed and power of HPC from start to finish!

To learn how leading edge research is being conducted on HPC solutions, download this comprehensive eBook.

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Solving humanity's greatest challenges

Highly data-driven fields like bioinformatics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and genomic biology need the capacity to tackle mountains of data and perform billions of operations per second.


Find out how, at Lenovo, we partner with academic and scientific researchers at institutions to understand their unique needs, then leverage our broad range of HPC solutions to help them tackle the big questions.

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Lenovo is here to help

Lenovo has helped the world's premier R&D teams and research institutions leverage HPC to tackle humanity's greatest challenges.

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Video Case Study: Barcelona Supercomputing Center
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Case Study: Caris Life Sciences and Lenovo
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Intersect360 White Paper Research: Scalable Performance
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