High Performance Computing (HPC)

Empowering great minds to reach great heights

It takes courage to stand up and take on the world’s problems, unafraid to take a bold step and change the world for the better. At Lenovo, we believe that HPC technology is playing a crucial part in getting on top of some big issues, such as understanding climate change, curing deadly diseases, or taming the complexities of genetics and genomics. We’re proud that our technology can play that vital supporting role.

Declared a market leader in HPC by Top500® in 2018, Lenovo is fiercely committed to building HPC solutions that will help humanity’s brightest stars to shine even brighter, shedding light on a safer, more sustainable future for us all. 


Saving energy, while saving the world

Watch the video to see how Niagara, the super-powerful, super-efficient Lenovo supercomputer at the University of Toronto, is empowering researchers to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

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High performance is business-as-usual

Once seen as cost prohibitive or reserved solely for researchers, HPC has become mainstream and is powering leading edge business solutions and the most demanding workloads around the globe today. But is it right for your business? If so, how do you determine the best approach to successfully adopting HPC? Read more below.

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Harness the power of sophisticated HPC, without the complexity

Learn how the right HPC solution can transform complex workloads into competitive advantage and speed up time to value.

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Why use a HPC solution?

Considering HPC? This infographic lays out HPC’s business and technical benefits, plus the many risks of outdated IT.

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Getting real about Artificial Intelligence

Does your business have a strategy for leveraging artificial intelligence to create a competitive advantage? If not, you’ll be needing one. Get an elevated view of AI for businesses in our highly accessible Lenovo white paper. Learn how to strategize to leverage the potential of AI and discover pathways to developing and testing AI workloads that could revolutionize the way you do business.

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Choosing an HPC solution

With the power to crunch vast data sets, generate insights from the internet of things and render analytics across an organization in minute detail, HPC can transform business capability. But, what steps should you take in choosing an HPC solution and ensuring its successful adoption?

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How to choose the right HPC solution infographic

Learn how to choose the right HPC solution for your stakeholders’ needs with this infographic.

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Accelerate Your Business with HPC

How to choose the right HPC System to ensure your IT infrastructure’s computing power never limits your business potential.

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Powering human endeavor and our future prosperity

Organizations in a diverse range of industries are now benefiting from access to high-performance computing architectures. Read the briefs below to discover how Lenovo ThinkSystem HPC solutions, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, are powering exciting new capabilities across life sciences, finance and manufacturing.

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Solution Brief: Life Sciences

With High Performance Computing (HPC), progress with discovery and predictions in Life Sciences is being massively accelerated. Read our solution brief to understand how Lenovo can meet challenges around data storage and management, scalability and accelerated workflows in Life Sciences.

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Solution Brief: Financial Services

In financial services, speed really does make the difference, where powerful, reliable high performance computing infrastructure can be a critical success factor. Read the solution brief to discover how Lenovo answers the challenges of modern FSI high-performance computing

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Solution Brief: Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 presents unprecedented opportunities for manufacturers. Read this insightful solution brief to understand how Lenovo HPC solutions are enabling advanced manufacturing capability through big data, robotics and predictive modelling.

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Helping solve humanity’s greatest challenges

Lenovo has helped the world's premier R&D teams and research institutions leverage HPC to tackle some of the most complex issues on the planet across the spectrum of scientific endeavors.

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Video Case Study: Barcelona Supercomputing Center Selects Lenovo
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Case Study: Caris Life Sciences and Lenovo

Talk to one of our team to see how we can help

 If you'd like to know more about Lenovo HPC solutions, get in touch and we can help with the answers you're looking for today.


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