See the big picture with video surveillance

Why hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the answer to outmoded Network Video Recording surveillance systems

Technology is advancing in every sector, and video surveillance is no exception. Surveillance systems are evolving and are utilizing artificial intelligence to analyze video, interpret patterns and flag unusual activity. The infrastructure required to support these systems needs to evolve too, yet, many IT teams still entrust this crucial technology to outdated NVR technology.

Find out how Lenovo and Pivot3 have come together to develop a software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure solution that’s purpose-built to handle modern, performance intensive, storage-hungry video surveillance systems and trumps NVR every time.

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More than just security

Far from just a way to catch criminals after the fact and monitor traffic, video is now becoming both a means to keep people and places safe and a strategic business tool. Businesses are employing it to reduce risk, increase process efficiency, and improve financial returns.

Read our solution brief to discover how different organizations are using video surveillance. Learn also how establishing a robust infrastructure that ensures availability and protects every device’s critical data.

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The Lenovo Pivot3 solution

Our partnership with Pivot3 optimizes our powerful and resilient ThinkSystem infrastructure for video surveillance. Because modern, high definition IP video surveillance systems generate massive amounts of critical, sensitive data, capturing, securing, and making this data available poses a stark challenge for traditional IT infrastructure. A purpose-built Lenovo and Pivot3 HCI solution eliminates downtime and provides an extremely resilient and highly available environment with no risk of data loss.

Read our solution brief to discover how Lenovo and Pivot3 have come together to deliver a scalable, efficient, all-in-one server and storage solution designed to ensure video data and related applications stay available and secure.

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See for yourself: Surveillance success stories

5041 HCI for Video Surveillance Trucking Flyer Banner Image 1920x530px2
Case Study: Video Surveillance Solution for Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics is highly competitive and constant surveillance with video analytics can provide critical insights to provide businesses an edge. Download our case study to read how an international trucking company had the ideal surveillance infrastructure delivered in a powerful and reliable hyperconverged solution from Lenovo and Pivot3.

Read the case study

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Case Study: Video Surveillance Solution for College Infrastructure Refresh

Colleges and other education institutions have unique requirements for flexible, scalable infrastructure that handle diverse workloads, with peaks and troughs in demand. Read how Lenovo and Pivot3 scored top marks with a New England college’s software defined, hyperconverged infrastructure solution.

Read the case study

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Does your surveillance system suffer from downtime and data loss? Has your infrastructure not evolved to meet the growing demands of your surveillance and other workloads? Speak to Lenovo about deploying customized Lenovo/Pivot3 solution. Our software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure is robust and powerful enough to handle your video surveillance needs today and can effectively scale to meet future demand.

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