Users Happen

And your devices need to keep working—despite the odds

She picked the wrong IT Team, on the wrong day.

I Fixed It: The New IT Anthem

Enjoy this full-throttle music video from our overworked IT trio. Watch these IT MC’s tell it like it is. When you’re done, pass it along.

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Warning: these videos might make you LOL!

video see jane run 1200x250
See Jane Run. At Top Speed.

Some users want what they want, and they want it five minutes ago. In this installment of the Users Happen series, we celebrate Jane, the fast-working, hard-typing perpetual motion machine. Woe be unto the computer that isn’t fast enough—or tough enough— for her.

video the curse of chad 1200x250
The Curse of Chad

There’s a little Chad in every user, but some people are 100% Chad. In this installment of the Users Happen series, we salute this one-man wrecking crew for laptops and tablets. If you have a Chad, you had better have some tough, flexible machines.

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