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Stories from the Field

dr zoltan takacs customer snapshot video v2 1200x250

Dr. Zoltan Takacs specializes in venom research, seeking tomorrow’s cure for life-threatening diseases. He relies on his ThinkPad’s performance, reliability, and portability to power his work in any environment.

scott hanselman customer snapshot video v2 1200x250

Scott Hanselman is a maker, a creator, a web developer, and a hacker. And, he loves his ThinkPad.

ryan north customer snapshot video v2 1200x250

An innovator who has found a number of unlikely successes opened up to him by the digital age, Ryan is always forward thinking, and always on his ThinkPad.

markus reinert customer snapshot video v2 1200x250

Using just a telescope, his trusted Lenovo ThinkPad L430, and his proprietary software program, Markus realized how much he could learn about the world with a small yet powerful set of tools and technology.

cambridge constabulatory customer snapshot video v2 1200x250

Lenovo transforms day-to-day operations for the Cambridge police force.

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Connected Government Solutions

Lenovo’s broad product portfolio, deep expertise, and relentless focus on innovation that matters make us the ideal technology partner for Connected Government solutions.


Featured Solutions

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K-12 Education Solutions

As the world’s #1 provider of educational technology, Lenovo’s products are designed to drive better student outcomes and worry-free instruction in and out of the classroom.


Featured solutions:
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Learn everything you need to know about hyperconvergence!

Software-defined infrastructure is no longer the future. It is now.

Hyperconvergence unifies compute and storage infrastructure, resulting in a solution that is efficient, powerful, and simple to manage and operate. Find out how Lenovo Hyperconverged solutions could reduce your business expenses while delivering a highly reliable and easily scalable data center solution.


Get Hyperconverged

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Health Solutions

Lenovo’s innovative response to complicated challenges empower health professionals to improve delivery within institutions, at the bedside, and anywhere within providers’ reach.


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Large Enterprise Solutions

Lenovo delivers industry leading reliability and durability for Large Enterprise — focused on Workforce Mobility, Enterprise Productivity, and IT Infrastructure, Lenovo delivers the lowest lifetime TCO with innovative devices and end-to-end solutions.


Featured Solutions

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Higher Education Solutions

Lenovo is committed to partnering with institutions of higher learning to build future-ready solutions that expand access and success through smarter technology.


Featured Solutions

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Lenovo Partner Network Solutions

In order to accelerate the growth of our Business Partners, we have designed our programs, product portfolio, distribution model and sales coverage to be simple, consistent and profitable.


Featured Solutions

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